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Alex Rainbird Music

‘Fade’ was included in Alex Rainbird’s 2018 Autumn Indie-Folk Compilation which has collected over 900000 views so far and also was released as a compilation Album under his record label.


Indie Folk Central

‘Fade’ was included on Indie Folk Centrals 2018 July Indie-Folk Compilation.

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Best Indie Folk of 2018

Additionally to being included on Indie Folk Centrals July compilation ‘Fade’ was also included on Indie Folk Centrals ‘Best Indie Folk of 2018’ compilation. The compilation has reached over 1.3 million views so far.

Stitt is on the right track with this impressive debut. His music doesn’t ever feel like it comes close to a complete understanding of the changing process of life and nor should it.
— Divide and Conquer Music
Take a listen to his track “Fade,” a gorgeous ambient folk track that’ll take your breath away.
— Abduction Radiation
His ability to craft a song that flows so naturally with minimal instrumentation yet it can easily fill an entire room is something I rarely come across.
— Rural Sounds
With a sense of closure that completes a story, “Outro” by Ben Stitt is a wonderful, peaceful, ambient track fusing human voice and electronics.
— Composers Toolbox
Ben Stitt instantly captivated my attention with his ambient, delicate instrumentation and hazy vocals.
— Left Bank Magazine
The deliberate style of Stitt is rare to find. He is an artist who knows the perfect amount of restraint while building toward a sound that will punch your soul in the best of ways.
— Ear to the Ground Music